The Eve of my Baby’s Birth

Wow! I’ve almost made it! 24 hours from right this very moment I will be wheeled into recovery and holding my newborn baby boy for the very first time! I have so many emotions right now… happy, excited, READY, and kind of in shock that we made it to the eve of my very last baby’s birth!

Tomorrow begins a new chapter in my life from multiple different aspects.  The obvious one of welcoming a new child into our world.  I will go from being a mother of three, to a mother of four! It sounds so strange saying it out loud! I have four kids!! But I’m also coming to a new realization knowing that this baby is our last.  Entering a new age… saying goodbye to my youth and being greeting by the middle years.  It is such an odd feeling.  I’m taking in these last 24 hours! Cherishing every little bump and kick, every hiccup, every stretch.  Knowing that another baby will never occupy my body again. 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad bit sad, but I sound so crazy when I say it out loud. 😝 I have spent the last nine months in complete and utter fright.  I don’t do pregnancy well… horribly actually.  One of the first things my husband said to this morning was “Yay, only one more day of pregnancy paranoia!” and his comment was painfully accurate.  How am I feeling a mixed of emotions that includes sadness when I’ve been so ready for this moment for months? It truly is a bittersweet moment when you fully process that your baby making days are over.  However, I am SOOO excited for him to be here!!! Such an understatement! I cannot wait to see his cute little face, to hug and love on him, and show him the world! Tomorrow begins a new adventure and I cannot wait to begin in.

Yesterday, was a big day.  A stocked the house up, preparing the rest of my family for my temporary leave.  I had to go to the hospital to get tested for Covid prior to my surgery… test results came back negative!! 🥳 I closed the day with my very last baby ultrasound…ever. 😢 My amniotic fluid levels jumped rather significantly.  I went from 27 to 32.  I think the tech was taken off guard, as my levels have remained pretty stable for weeks.  She remeasured the amniotic fluid and got 30 and seemed to be happier with those results.  Baby boy’s heart rate was drastically higher than it has ever been.  It measured in the 170s, which is normal, but just drastically higher from the 140 range that it normally is.  The tech and doctor didn’t seem concerned, so I guess I shouldn’t be either.  The sweetest moment from the appointment was seeing my little guy sucking his thumb! 💕

Cannot wait to see my little man in person tomorrow! I appreciate any and all prayers for a save delivery tomorrow morning and for a very uneventful birth! xoxo – Charmel

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