Welcome to BLOOM


BLOOM is a support group for those who have lost babies through miscarriage, stillbirth, TFMR, abortion, and infant loss.  We meet once a month in suburban Kansas City, Missouri.  At BLOOM, we welcome all who have suffered from infant loss, whether it was yesterday or decades ago, regardless of circumstance or background.  During our gatherings, we occasionally devote a portion of time to a topic of interest and spend the remainder of our meeting talking about our babies and discussing our recent experiences with grief.  Topics of discussion may include the grief pattern, fear, anger, emptiness, guilt, sadness, depression, differences between men & women’s grief, marital stress, and healing & acceptance.  At BLOOM, our mission is to provide and find support, to make friendships, and to remember and honor our babies in meaningful and dignified ways. 

Your healing starts here! For more information, you may find meeting location and dates on our “Schedule” Page.  We encourage you to reach out to our Facilitator, Charmel Clough, if you have any questions.



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What to Expect


Come As You Are

          » BLOOM is sponsored by Emilia’s Wings.  Our gatherings are small and informal.  We generally have 4-12 individuals present per meeting.

          » We gather at North Kansas City Public Library (downstairs in the meeting room).  Please email or Facebook message our facilitator, Charmel Clough, prior to your first meeting so that we may plan for attendance.

          » Meetings take place the first Thursday of each month.  We begin at 7:00 pm and finish at 8:45 pm.  We ask that you try your best to arrive on-time.  We make sure to finish promptly by 8:45 pm to allow library staff plenty of time to close the building, as their business hours end at 9:00 pm.

          » Because of the sensitive nature of our group, babies and children are not allowed at our monthly meetings.  However, we do welcome babies/young children and all other family members at our special events that take place throughout the year (Father’s Day BBQ, Walk to Remember, Christmas Candlelight Ceremony, etc.)

          » Pregnancy after loss is a unique experience of grief and joy that requires recognition from family, friends, and peers.  BLOOM supports courageous mamas pregnant again after a loss and those who have recently welcomed a rainbow baby into their families.  We embrace and encourage ALL to continue attendance at our gatherings as necessary to support their needs.

          » Listen generously.  Silence all electronics and step out if you must take a call or text.

          » Each participant will be given an opportunity to share as much or as little of their story as they wish.  We ask all participants to keep the conversation relevant to Pregnancy & Infant Loss so that everyone can participate.

          » Participation in our group discussions is completely voluntary and we welcome our members to say “pass” on any topics they do not feel comfortable sharing with the group.  Everyone’s presence is appreciated and can be a source of healing for others.  Choosing to just listen is a gift to our group, too.

          » Everything said and heard in the group will be treated with respect for the participants’ privacy.  What is said in the group stays in the group. 

          » We share feelings and experiences just as they are.  There are no right or wrong statements and we give ourselves permission to be vulnerable in the moment, to not bury our feelings, or put on a “brave face.”

          » We do not compare ourselves or our experiences to others, as everyone’s grief and circumstances are unique.

          » Some topics may be emotionally overwhelming.  If you need to leave or take a break, at any time and for any reason, you are free to do so.

          » Participants are welcome to attend as many or as few meetings as necessary to support their needs.


Disclaimer:  BLOOM and its members are not licensed counselors or medical providers.  Although it can be therapeutic, BLOOM gatherings are not intended to be a replacement for therapy or medical advice.  Diagnosis and treatment of physical, mental, or emotional conditions should be given by your own medical provider or licensed counselor.



Click on the video below for a guided tour through the North Kansas City Public Library to find our meeting space.  We meet downstairs in the public meeting room.  If you require an elevator, it is located to the left of the stairway.