Healing through Grace

Healing through Grace - Emilia's Wings - Pregnancy and Infant LossHello! My name is Grace and I am a very special bunny–traveling around the world for a very special purpose.  I am no ordinary bunny.  I was created to visit the homes of families who have lost a child in pregnancy or infancy to help share love and comfort when it is needed most.  My purpose is to fill the empty arms of parents and other family members, while also advocating for babies that will forever live on in our hearts.

How do I work? Simply welcome me into your home for a few days or for several weeks.  Feel free to cuddle and keep me for as long as you wish.  Take photos with me in special places, bring me along to events and occasions, and share with me all that is to be known about your baby in Heaven.  Incorporate me into your daily lives and show me what life after pregnancy and infant loss truly looks like. 

I also travel with a neat little journal.  This way all of my travels are documented.  Feel free to place photos, journal all about my stay with you, and share wonderful tidbits about your baby within the pages of my journal.  My new friends are encouraged to share as little or as much as they feel comfortable.  With your permission, a highlight of my visit at your house may even be featured on social media and on the Emilia’s Wings’ blog!

When our time together draws to an end and you are ready to pass me along; we ask that you find another family who has been impacted by pregnancy and infant loss–so they too can take me home.  Our hopes are that as I enter your home, I bring with me and leave with you a little love, comfort, and support.  May healing begin and continue long after you hold me in your arms.  After we say our goodbyes, the stories and memories of your child will live on with me as I continue on my never-ending journey.

I’m so happy to be on this journey and I cannot wait to be a part of your story.  I hope you choose and enjoy being a part of mine too!


Grace the Bunny

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