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National Bereaved Parents Day

July 1, 2023

“Bereaved Parents Awareness Month is observed every year around the world in July. For a lot of people, it can be difficult to talk openly about their grief; many of them feel that it is too personal or too private. Even though talking about the events that caused their grief is crucial to recovery, people are hesitant in talking about it. It is a universally accepted fact that parents should not have to bury their children. The pain is immeasurable and parents carry this grief with them throughout their lives. But even in these darkest of times, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Whenever you look for help, you will always find communities of people, parents, and others who will be there for you and support you. It’s for this reason that we observe Bereaved Parents Awareness Month.

It exists to provide support to parents who have lost their children, but its other aim is to raise awareness about how many parents have suffered the loss of a child. Not only does it enable bereaved parents to find resources and support to overcome their grief, but it also seeks to provide information to others, including family, friends, and relatives, on how they can help parents overcome their loss. Social support becomes more important than ever during times of grief. Even if you feel uncomfortable at first or are unsure of how to console a bereaved parent, try to at least be there for them. Even something as simple as being a good listener can be extremely comforting.” – National Today


July 1, 2023