Lesson 6:

Goals For Healing

No matter where we are in our grief process, it is important to set goals so that we can see our progress.  At first, our progress is measured in tiny, almost unnoticeable steps.  Just getting out of bed in the morning is a major accomplishment in the beginning.

Eventually taking a walk and eating a meal become our accomplishments.  Setting these goals and seeing them met helps us to track our healing process.  The extremely painful feelings are perpetual at first, but soon you get a few good hours in a day, and then, a few good days in a week, etc.

Grieving is a job of sorts. It’s work… HARD work. Just as with any job where we are asked to set goals, it is important to set goals here as well. These goals will help you work your way through the grief. It will amaze you just how much progress you can make, and you will see it if you put it in writing.

Use the completed answers below to springboard some of your own ideas.  Fill in the blanks with your own personalized goals. I suggest you do this at least every year to track your progress. You may want to do it monthly at first to keep track of how far you’ve come in your first year.


Below are some examples of possible goals you could set for yourself:


Goals for Healing – Date:_________


1. Take a walk 2 times a week

2. Go to the gym – manage anger

3. Nutrition

4. Daily hygiene


1. Permission to cry

2. Journaling

3. Permission to laugh

4. See counselor


1. Forgive God

2. Trust God – to heal

3. Ask God for help

4. Prayer

Interpersonal(with friends, spouse, etc.)

1. Set time with spouse

2. Call or write friends – maybe apologize

3. Talk to doctor/nurse about situation

4. Talk about loss with others who have lost a child


1. Get info from doctor

2. Read for healing

3. Read for other stimulation/for distraction

4. Use computer search to find helpful websites