Lesson 23:

My New Normal

After the loss of a child, we will be able to establish a normal life again. We just will not ever have the same normal we had before. We are forever changed by that loss, but through the grieving process, we can establish what is called a NEW NORMAL.

When you are emotionally ready for this step in the healing process, answer the following questions to get yourself to envision your life without your baby and start living your “new normal.”

     What does my new normal include?

     Where am I?

     Who am I with?

     What am I doing?

     Does it include a try for more children?

     Does it include a new job?

     Is my life direction changing completely?

     Can I find joy amidst the pain? Can I laugh again?

     What friends will my life include?

     Has my faith grown? Do I need to work on trusting God more?

     Am I still angry with God? (It’s important to work through this issue.)

     Am I walking a “pathway to peace?”