Our philanthropic project is to raise funds to provide a CuddleCot to area hospitals.

What is a CuddleCot?

CuddleCot - Shnuggle - Flexmort - Emilia's Wings - Kansas City Pregnancy and Infant Loss - Missouri“Infant death is a harsh reality we cannot prevent and we cannot always foresee.  When parents are forced to say good-bye so shortly after hello, every minute matters.  Would you help us give the gift of time to grieving parents nationwide?

CuddleCot is an in room cooling unit that is the size of a small humidifier disguised inside of a Moses basket.  Research has proven having a unit available to parents while they are in the hospital encourages families to spend time with their baby.  This gift of time allows precious hours for bonding, pictures, plaster molds to be taken and other family members to come and meet the baby before the natural changes that occur in death become more apparent.  In addition the baby can now stay in the room with the family the entire hospital stay if the family so desires.  While we know this might not be for everyone it does allow families a choice.” –S.O.B.B.S. – Stories Of Babies Born Still


When grieving parents are forced to say hello and goodbye to their child, all the time in the world is never enough.  Our wish is for every deceased infant and his or her family to be given the gift of time.   Each Cot costs approximately $2,800.00.  Our goal is to provide a CuddleCot to as many area hospitals as possible.  Would you like to contribute to this cause? Please visit our donate page for more information on how to maximize your giving.


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Our CuddleCot Placements…

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CuddleCot for North Kansas City Hospital - Emilia's Wings - Kansas City Pregnancy and Infant Loss

North Kansas City Hospital – Kansas City, Missouri February 2, 2018

CuddleCot for Great Plains Health - Emilia's Wings - North Platte, Nebraska Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Great Plains Health – North Platte, Nebraska September 8, 2018

CuddleCot for Bryan Medical Center - Emilia's Wings - Lincoln, Nebraska Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Bryan Health (East Campus) – Lincoln, Nebraska      April 6, 2019